The method

Like other sites, presents goods that are available for purchase.

However there are a few differences with most consumer products websites:

1- is not a gear reviewing website. Only the products that have performed satisfactorily during a sufficient amount of time are presented on the site. I will not be pushing products which haven’t seen enough use or which are average.

2- Transparency is of utmost importance. At the start of each post, the following information is given:

* The way the object was acquired (usually bought on my own funds)
* The date of purchase, as accurate as possible
* How long the object have been used at the time the post have been written
* The usual price range

This should allow you to evaluate by yourself if the good meets sufficiently your expectations. If I’m presenting it on, it means it meets mine; but yours could be different.

3- The articles are rather written in an informal style and from the perspective of personal experience. No pseudo-scientific testing protocol and no pretention of pure and perfect objectivity (which would be impossible to reach). The presentations are sincere but also human and personal. This should produce articles that are both informative and pleasant to read. The final objective is to allow you to imagine yourself using the product, so that you can decide if you need to buy it or not.

Ok, I hope that you will like the method. Of course there is still room for improvement with time and also thanks to your comments.

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