All about Sugru, the repair it all play dough.

Initial release date: October 30th, 2016 by the Talkative Owl.

Illustration sugru

Retex information:

Acquisition mode: Purchase on my own funds
Date of purchase: October 2012
Use time at the moment of writing this article: 4 years
Price range: 6 to 14 £ inclusive of all taxes

Short version.

Long version.



Short version:

You like to bring back to life broken objects? You like to modify objects so that they better suit your needs? Then Sugru is for you. This product takes the form of play dough, very mouldable and easy to use. But once cured, Sugru becomes a firm and slightly rubbery material which adheres quite strongly to almost anything. If Sugru is not miraculous, it however allows repairs or modifications that would otherwise be impossible (see photos in the long version). So don’t wait any longer and see for yourself.




Long version:

Sugru would be the result of a secret and forbidden love between a silicone cartridge and an epoxy tube. This produces a material that uncured has a lot in common with play dough.

After playing the dough between the fingers for about thirty seconds, it can be applied on the object that needs a repair or modification. With Sugru you have thirty minutes to do the job. Then you leave it to cure at room temperature for twenty-four hours. That’s when the miracle occurs. What was once a coloured play dough has become a firm, lightly rubberized and soft to the touch material. Furthermore it now adheres quite strongly to the object.

A typical use for Sugru is for repairing or reinforcing the many cables that come with our electronic devices :

Sugru renforce jack
Reinforced jack socket in prevision for the severe treatments it would be submitted to. After three years of use, it is still working perfectly.

The creator of Sugru being Irish, she gave a Gaelic name to her creation : the word sugru means to play. And it is true that using Sugru to bring a broken object back to life or to modify a poorly designed one so it can better suit one’s needs, can be quite fun.

Here are depictions of some of the modifications I made thanks to Sugru:

Sugru hotte cuisine
This one gave me the most satisfaction. The particularly sharp corners of my extractor hood are now protected by two small sugru balls. Now, when I hit those corners by accident, my skull is very thankful. Furthermore, to make things even better, the modification does not stick out. It is quite clean, even though I did not take any particular care when applying the Sugru. All I had to do was forming the two balls in my hand before sticking them on the corners. Sugru is really easy to use.

sugru pieds passoire
sugru pieds passoire détail
This colander didn’t have any feet, because I salvaged it from a steam cooking system. Three small balls of Sugru made it a perfectly functional and stable strainer. Note that I could have matched the colours of the handles by using a black Sugru, but this time I preferred a little bit of fantasy.

sugru couteau
This Mora knife known as the « classic » has a wooden handle with a carbon steel blade. In order to avoid humidity or debris to leek from the bolster into the handle, I applied a bit of Sugru on the sensitive area.

sugru fermeture éclair
The upper part of the slider of my old parka decided one day to abandon ship. The zipper was still working but I could no longer manipulate the slider. A small ball of Sugru, placed on the right spot and pierced before it cured, allowed me to put it back in service.

sugru répare couteau suisse
This Victorinox Handyman is my first SAK (Swiss Army Knife) bought in 1998. After a nasty fall, it lost a small piece of scale. Sugru allowed me to fill the gap and to stop the cracks in the material. I could’ve tried to match the original colour a little better by mixing differently coloured Sugru, but I did not bother.

sugru répare casserole
The handle of my preferred saucepan was starting to play a little bit. Some Sugru placed around the area took care of business. Sugru can resist to temperatures up to 180°C, so there’s no need to worry about heat.

From the above illustrations, I guess that you know understand that, like duck tape, Sugru has limitless uses.

There is no doubt that Sugru is a fantastic material. However my four years experience with it taught me that it has some limitations:

– Sugru might not bind correctly with some plastic materials. For example, it failed to adhere to my car’s dashboard, the very slick canvas of one of my backpacks or the gummy material of a flashlight
– its slightly rubberized nature make it unsuitable when a hard and rigid material is needed
– for now Sugru is not food safe.

So despite my very enthusiastic presentation of Sugru, I have to say that it is not a panacea, but a very important string to add to any handyman’s bow. If it cannot fix absolutely everything, it is clear that without Sugru, many of the fixes or modifications I made, would have been quite difficult or simply impossible.

So don’t wait anymore and try it yourself.