Déglon Ideal paring knife.

Initial release date: October 31th, 2016 by the Talkative Owl.

Illustration couteau Déglon

Spécifications :

Total length: 198mm
Blade length: 93mm
Blade thickness: 2mm
Weight: 58g
Steel : X50CrMoV15 stainless

Retex information:

Acquisition mode: Purchase
Date of purchase: August 2014
Use time at the moment of writing this article: 2 years and 2 months
Price range : 21 to 35 € inclusive of all taxes

This paring knife, which has a very classical build (full tang, with rivets and a bolster), meets perfectly its purpose. It is light in the hand, very nimble and comfortable to use.

Especially its blade is thick enough to allow it to perform all the required tasks for preparing vegetables that can be sometimes quite tough (red kuri squash, carrots, parsnip etc.). I own another paring knife, made by a very famous French manufacturer, which has a blade that is too thin. As a result, it is useless with anything regarding thick vegetable preparation.

In contrast, with this Déglon knife, it is clear that we deal with a manufacturer who is used to supply professionals.

The fit and finish of the knife is also very good. The connection between the bolster and the scales is seamless. I’ve had to turn the knife many times in my hand to finally feel a very small edge between the tang and one of the scales. Anyway during the use of the knife, this teeny-tiny ridge cannot be felt:

fit and finish déglon knife
A good and well finished knife.

A paring knife should also be very versatile in a kitchen. Whether it is to remove nerves from a piece of meat, to filet small fish (like mackerel), or to chop onion, garlic and fine herbs, this knife will be up to the job. And as the pictures show, it is also very handy to cut very fine slices of saucisson or cheese.

To make things better, the steel this knife is made of (X50CrMoV15) is very often used by many famous German knife makers icluding Wüsthof. As far as I am concerned, this is an assurance of quality. And this has positive consequences on the long lasting cutting edge and the sturdiness of the Déglon paring knife.

In conclusion, I strongly recommend this knife, which, thanks to its efficiency and versatility, will surely become your companion in the kitchen.


Features of the X50CrMoV15 steel:

X = stainless steel
50 = 0,5% carbon – important for the quality of the cutting edge
Cr = Chromium – brings stainless capabilities
Mo = Molybdenum – for a better toughness
V = Vanadium – for a better sturdiness
15 = 15% chromium