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Retex = Reporting The Experience.

There is always a number of reasons why someone decides to build a website. If I was allowed to only give one it would be the following:

In our very modern, dynamic and efficient world, it occurs to me that the quality of a large number of goods is surprisingly going… backwards.

Let’s say you need to buy a screwdriver. You find one at a hardware store, but you notice something weird about it: it’s made at the same place than your vacuum cleaner, your shoes, your kid’s toys and even the chair you’re sitting on (non-comprehensive list). Even those green beans in a jar that you just bought come from this same place. See, on our nice blue planet, there’s a wonderful country which generously floods all humans with its marvelous goods, furthermost they happen to be also very cheap. Ok, they are mediocre at best, but hey they are cheap! They have a terrible reliability, but what the heck they’re so cheap. Their lifespan is shabby, but that’s ok since they are so chea… Ok ok, I’ll stop here; I guess you’ve got my point.

Too often we even have no longer the choice of avoiding those “marvelous” products. This situation tends to upset me quite a bit and on the long run have created a strong feeling of dissatisfaction (“I can’t get no…”).

However, all is not lost. Sometimes, with the help of a lot of patience, good research (thanks to the Internet) and communication on forums, it is possible to find satisfying goods. When I find such a product, which suits my needs almost perfectly and happens to be reliable in time, I can feel emerging a very pleasant and satisfying feeling. Using those quality products, or even thinking of them (knowing that for a given task, I have a good reliable tool), brings me some kind of joy.

Note here that I’m not just a materialistic consumer (ok maybe a little bit, but not much). I very rarely (if ever) buy goods that don’t match my real and practical needs. I have no interest in things like fashion, jewelry or decorative objects. Don’t get me wrong, I like beautiful objects, but as far as I am concerned, utility always comes first.

Knowing this, I come to think sometimes that I must not be the only one with this kind of ideas. Then why not sharing them by the means of a website, so they can be useful to others, either as is, or by inspiring them.

So here is the main objective of Retex.org : presenting quality products that have been tested through use and time.